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Feral Bachelorism

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Feral Bachelorism
Lacey Savage

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Chapter One


“Hey, I never said being gay was easy.” Richard Hudson winked at Sean Fielding and slid his sleek two-door Toyota Solara into a hard-won parking spot.

A horn blared behind them, deafening and persistent. The irate driver who’d been waiting for a spot flashed his high beams. Richard stuck his hand out the window and offered a one-fingered salute.

The sound of tires skidding on the hard concrete accompanied Richard’s low chuckle. “But I did promise it would be a hell of a lot of fun.”

Sean gripped the leather-covered armrests, his knuckles turning white. “I’m not gay. This is --”

“Research. Yeah, I know.” Richard cut the engine and opened the driver’s door, but not before Sean saw him roll his eyes.

Fuck. I’m never drinking beer again

One too many bottles on his birthday, and Sean had ended up spilling his darkest fantasies to a room full of rowdy men. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, really, had his fantasies been of the good old-fashioned Adam-and-Eve variety. And had his best friends -- his
best friends -- not been close enough to hear him wax poetic about big cocks, broad shoulders and chiseled chests.

He climbed out of the car and slammed the door behind him, then hurried to catch up to Richard. “Seriously, man. I’ve got that big presentation Monday morning. I need to get a feel for the property before I open my mouth and suggest this as the ideal location for Mr. Sheen’s new casino.”

Richard eyed him skeptically as they navigated the densely-packed cars. On the other side of the lot, a myriad of neon lights flashed against the night sky. “And what makes you think the current owner’s gonna sell?”

Sean shrugged. “What makes every owner sell? Money.”

Richard gestured around him. “I think Brad Hennessy is doing well enough without your boss’s charity. Besides, if he sells, you’d better be prepared to have a riot on your hands. You’ll be robbing thousands of horny men of their favorite hangout.”

Sean had just opened his mouth to reply when he spotted a familiar black truck pulling into a recently vacated spot a few feet away. He and Richard waited while their four friends made their way toward them.

Frank, a tall, dark-haired man with an Italian complexion and a temper to match, shoved a finger into Richard’s chest. “That was my parking spot. You saw me waiting there, and you went for it anyway.”

Richard held his hands up in mock surrender. “And you’re surprised? Since when is anything of yours hands-off to me?”

Frank narrowed his eyes and tried to keep the scowl firmly fixed on his features, but a grin cracked through the façade. “Fine. Don’t let it happen again unless we’re in bed, or I say it’s okay.”

“Either, or?” Sean asked, shaking his head. “I’ll never understand that.”

Richard brushed a dark curl away from his forehead. “Monogamy’s for fools. And heterosexuals.” He narrowed his eyes at Sean, then gasped in mock-surprise. “And look, I don’t see a ring on your finger!”

Sean decided to let that jab pass without comment. He’d taken a lot of ribbing from the guys over the years for being the only one in their tight-knit circle who wasn’t gay.

Sean and Richard had first met in their freshman year of college, eight years ago. They’d both chosen a photography class as an elective and were partnered together to work on a nature project. Unlike the rest of their classmates, they had no trouble selecting a theme. Their collage of photos on “the sensual union of the birds and the bees” was the talk of the class for months.

A week after they met, Richard introduced Sean to his friends and he instantly hit it off with all of them. Steve, Jeff and Frank welcomed him into their group without hesitation.

He’d known from the beginning there was something
about them, but he couldn’t put his finger on it for the first few weeks. They hung out with the party crowd, just like everyone else. They skipped class when it suited them and skated through the finals… just like everyone else. Sean had begun to think he was being paranoid.

And then he walked into the men’s bathroom one night to find Frank’s mouth wrapped around Richard’s cock. In a flash, everything became painfully clear. He suddenly knew what was different, and it wasn’t just a little odd, it was downright peculiar among frat boys.

His friends didn’t talk about

They didn’t fantasize about them, pine away over them, or picture them naked. By that point, it was too late for Sean to do anything but deal with his slight discomfort and move on.

For years, he’d adopted a “you do your thing, I do mine” attitude. He met their boyfriends, listened to their stories about failed relationships, crushes and devastating betrayals, and shared his in turn.

Then, eighteen months ago, everything changed. Sean’s last relationship ended on a sour note when his girlfriend accused him of spending more time with his “queer friends” than with her.

If that wasn’t bad enough, that’s when the dreams began. Vivid, luscious fantasies about hard, chiseled bodies, flat abs, firm asses and cocks so solid they might as well have been made of steel. He’d tried to deny they were happening at first, but it didn’t take long before they became a nightly occurrence. His stained sheets made it perfectly clear that he could no longer keep a copy of the latest issue of
on his nightstand and wish his dreams away.

Things only got worse when he spilled his secret over a pint of beer on his birthday. That had been three weeks ago. Since then, his friends had been frantically trying to bring him to their favorite hangout. He was proud of himself for adamantly resisting both their subtle and their overt hints… until tonight.

“Well, are you coming in, or are you going to stand there with that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on your face?”

Sean scowled and brushed past Richard, heading for the gate. A massive hot-fuchsia neon sign announced they’d reached the Hard Delights Amusement Park. If not for the sea of men sweeping through the entrance, at first glance he’d have thought his friends had brought him to Disney World.

The smell of cotton candy, roasted peanuts, popcorn and candy apples imbued the night air with a sweet aroma. Laughter, loud and gregarious, floated to his ears. Over the tops of tall evergreens, he could spot the bright lights of a number of rides, including a tall, wooden roller-coaster and a giant Ferris wheel.

But that’s where the similarities between this place and a typical exhibition ended. Hard Delights was a
park in every sense of the word, and the theme was hot, steamy, man-on-man ecstasy.

Sean pushed his way through the crowd, following his friends. As they made their way deeper into the park, he caught a whiff of another scent and his cock stirred with recognition. This was no longer the tame, saccharine smell of innocent fun.

It was primordial. Sexual. Carnal.

The scent of lust, of spilled seed and unadulterated arousal, permeated the air and shot a jolt of heat straight to his balls.

Sean gritted his teeth. He tried to focus on his surroundings but everywhere he turned he glimpsed tantalizing hard flesh, bulging muscles, and on occasion, the unmistakable sight of a proud erection tenting a pair of too-tight pants.

He groaned. This place had been built with only one purpose: to tease the male psyche into a frenzy of arousal and a state of fierce desire. With so much pure temptation streaming through the front gates, he was surprised the men didn’t just drop to their knees and beg for a hard cock to be shoved into their mouths.

Work. I have to concentrate on work

Sean dug his fingernails into his palms and forced his thoughts away from the frightening path they’d taken. He was here for a reason, and despite what Richard had said, that reason wasn’t to get laid or to indulge his curiosity.

Sean’s boss expected a stack of proposals on his desk first thing Monday morning, each outlining the best location for the new casino. Sean intended to make his impossible to refuse. And considering the fact that Hard Delights was a piece of heaven nestled inside a lush forest untouched by modern development, he knew his idea would practically sell itself. A promotion would surely follow, as would the respect of his colleagues and his boss’s grudging admiration.

Sean was so absorbed in assessing the viability of the land, he didn’t notice he’d drifted off from his friends until Richard’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. “What’s going on with you? We’ve been looking for you for ten minutes.”

“Frank thought you’d gone off for a quickie.” Steve wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “But I knew better.”

Sean gestured excitedly around him. “This is going to work, I know it is. I’ve got the meeting in the bag. I just need to --”

“The only thing you should have in your bag is a cupful of cum waiting to spurt all over some guy’s ass. That’s why we’re here, Sean.”

Heat traveled up Sean’s neck and settled into his cheeks. He gritted his teeth, trying to ignore the furious blush and the distressing fact that Richard’s crude words had made his cock twitch painfully against his jeans.

“No, that’s why you’re here, Richard. I’m along because you guys would have dragged me out of the house if you’d had to bind and gag me first.”

Richard held up his thumb and index finger. “We were this close.”

“Well, this is important to me. I need this promotion. I’m tired of running around fetching coffee and picking up dry cleaning. And furthermore --”

The rest of his words were lost in a blissful haze of confusion as a man shoved his way between Richard and Frank. He broke through the group of friends as though he had every right to, stopping only a few inches away from Sean.

He stood so close, Sean could feel the heat drifting off him, smell the mouthwatering scent of his maleness. And then he smiled, the crooked, confident grin making Sean’s knees weaken.

Before Sean could make enough sense of his muddled thoughts to form a coherent sentence, the man pressed a piece of paper into his hand. His palm was hot against Sean’s skin, sending a blazing stream of heat skidding across his nerve endings.

“What’s this?” Sean managed to rasp.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it.”

By the time Sean had gathered his wits about him enough to reply, it was too late. The man was already moving, drifting through the eager crowd without so much as a backward glance over his shoulder.

The sea of onlookers parted before him, their excited whispers echoing in his wake. Some even pointed, while others licked their lips, barely contained desire lighting their eyes.

Sean’s fist tightened around the paper. His heart beat wildly against his ribcage, and his tongue swept out to lick his suddenly dry lips.

The man was the stuff Sean’s wet dreams were made of. Calm and confident, he’d walked through the crowd as though he owned the place. Standing before Sean so arrogantly sure of himself, he’d looked almost elegant, in a don’t-mess-with-me kind of way.

Sean had gotten a glimpse at the hard length of the man’s body encased in a black T-shirt and tight black pants. His blond hair was cropped short close to his ears. Beneath well-formed brows, startling blue eyes dominated a face that Sean could only describe as so symmetrical to border on unnatural.

. He was fucking perfect.

“Well? What’s it say?” Richard’s eyes were wider than Sean had ever seen them.

He shook his head and tightened his hold on the note. He wasn’t ready to look. “I don’t know. Who was that guy?”

Richard snorted. “You’d think with all your
, you’d know Brad Hennessy when you met him.”

A sliver of sensual awareness raised the hairs on the nape of his neck. Sean spun around, the man to be standing behind him, but although he saw a hundred faces still turned his way, the one he searched for didn’t stand out from the crowd.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He blew out a deep breath and turned back to his friends. “
was Brad Hennessy?”

“And he gave you a note. So come on, don’t torture us any longer. What’s it say?”

Sean fought to keep his hands steady as he unfolded the crisp piece of paper. A few words had been scrawled in messy but readable script.

He read the words aloud, arousal flooding his veins. “My cabin, half an hour. For directions, ask at the gate. Don’t be late.” The note was signed with one letter: B.

Richard clapped him hard on the shoulder. “Go get ’im, tiger.”

Sean folded the paper and slid it inside the front pocket of his jeans. His heart threatened to break out of his chest. “Don’t be ridiculous. Just because some guy propositions me, doesn’t mean I’m actually going to go.”

The denial sounded hollow even to his own ears, especially since his cock pulsed and throbbed, insisting that not going would be much worse than actually giving in to the aching need skittering through his blood.

“What have you got to lose?” Jeff, normally the quiet one of the bunch, spoke up. “Everyone knows Brad. He’s not a serial killer, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. At most, you’ll spend a night fucking your brains out, and then you’ll both go about your business.”

Sean swallowed hard. “And that’s
what I’m worried about.”

It took his friends another fifteen minutes of eager urging before he gave in and shoved the last shred of uncertainty from his mind. In the end, what had pushed him over the edge was Richard’s assurance that if Sean wasn’t willing to go,

That was one mental image Sean didn’t want flashing across his eyelids every time he drifted off to sleep.

He felt foolish walking up to one of the guards to ask for directions to Brad’s house, but the man only gave him a knowing smile and offered to take him there himself.

“Where exactly is this place?” Sean asked as they trudged through the forest. The brief jolt of uneasiness he’d felt when they’d stepped into the woods had increased to full-fledged anxiety. They’d left the park behind ten minutes ago, and the neon lights were now nothing more than dim flickers in the distance. A pale silver half-moon cast its beams across the forest floor, but the faint illumination offered little comfort.

BOOK: Feral Bachelorism
12.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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